This page informs our users, visitors, and traffic about our terms and policies. The phrases “our website,” “us,” and “we,” as well as “company” and “site” all refer to Ameera – The House of Fashion.

You agree to abide by the terms and conditions, privacy statement, return policy, and shipping policies by using this website. The terms and conditions may change at any time without prior notice.

Site's Management:

Our website explicitly allows users to buy any item they want for their own use. We don’t advertise third-party purchases. You are solely responsible and liable for any consequences if something goes wrong when you buy something for a third party or for commercial use. Your access must be revoked, and you will be terminated and forbidden from using this site if you violate any of the terms and conditions listed here.

Products Information:

The information provided on our website reflects our products. It serves as a catalog of what we have to offer. The products may appear slightly different due to digital displays and photography. Anytime you want, you can log in, log out, and add items to your cart and wish list.

Please be aware that using the website’s features improperly or exploiting any security holes is illegal. It is advised that you refrain from mistreating any website users or features. This will result in legal action.

Orders, Delivery, and Pricing:

Ameera – The House of Fashion retains the right to decide how to process, order, and deliver them. Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject and cancel any order at any time without incurring any liability. We work hard to fulfill your orders and deliver the products on schedule.

Users may be asked to submit information beyond the minimal requirements at the time of the order. It is to ensure order security and ward off any fraudulent activities.

Pricing is another crucial issue, and we reserve the right to modify, raise, lower, and change any price at any time of day without prior notice.

Visit our Return & Exchange Page if you have any questions about returns.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Any trademark or piece of intellectual property owned by Ameera – The House of Fashion must not be used improperly or copied or altered in any way. It will fall under the category of intellectual property theft or misuse, and legal action may be taken as a result.

Dispute Resolution:

This is just to make it clear how hard Ameera – The House of Fashion works to ensure efficient operations and the free flow of merchandise. You should get in touch with management if there is a problem. The company reserves the right to alter orders, deliveries, prices, payment terms, and goods at any time. Therefore, the company cannot be held accountable in any way in a court of law, and any disagreements must be settled between management and clients. We guarantee that any issues you may encounter will be resolved with the management’s assistance. However, the company reserves the right to pursue legal actions and court cases upon discovering any fraudulent activity or misuse at the user end.